Together we're SunRice


SunRice is a $1.1 billion global food business and one of Australia’s leading branded food exporters. With sales, marketing and operations spanning the globe, we supply domestic markets and close to 50 countries with diverse and nutritious food products, from table rice, flour and snacks, to rice meals and companion animal and livestock products.

More than 1,000 families across the Riverina of New South Wales grow rice for SunRice.

To see how Australian short grain rice is grown, watch our "paddy-to-plate" video series.  

Committed to making a difference

SunRice is a dynamic organisation with more than 2,200 employees. Whether it is our unrelenting focus on innovation and quality, or an ongoing commitment to our people, communities, shareholders, customers and the environment, we pride ourselves on making a difference.

As a major contributor to and supporter of Australia’s rice industry, including around 1,000 growers, we are proud of our standing as a world leader in terms of productivity, sustainability and water efficiency.

Australia is known for its clean, green environment and we are proud to present Australian grown rice, cultivated and milled in the Riverina region of eastern Australia. SunRice uses some of the world’s leading farming practices to produce great quality rice and food products.


SunRice are world leaders in water efficiency and use 50% less water to grow rice than the global average


SunRice is the only rice company in the world that is vertically integrated, a key differentiator ensuring full traceability back to the farm.


Through the Pure Seed Program, SunRice can deliver consistent short grain quality with authentic Japanese heritage.

SunRice has a global presence you can rely on to help you serve customers all around the world


For more information visit www.sunrice.com.au.